The three Calculators below are for calculating the number of PunctureSafe units required in:-
A/… Light high speed vehicles such as Cars, Vans, Touring Caravans & Trailers
B/… Motorcycles & Scooters
C/… HGVs – On Road use. For On/Off Road use, add 25% to the figures calculated. Please enter numbers only in all the boxes and no letters.

Please refer to the downloadable charts above for agricultural and construction vehicles because those tire sizes cannot be calculated with the online calculator.

Conversion to milliliters is also displayed so as a comparison can be made with similar products to show that considerably less PunctureSafe is required to do a much better job than other products that require a lot more sealant installed. As an example, a 22.5 inch tire on a large articulated HGV would only require one and a quarter litres for complete inner tyre coverage. There are 34 units in a litre of PunctureSafe.